Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limits on the size of project you can handle?

No, we can handle all sizes of rack system installations using our pre-project planning process to identify the needed details to get the project done safely and efficiently. We can help identify the required staff, time frame, action plan, and any equipment needed to complete the project.

Is it possible for one of my staff members to inspect our equipment?

Yes, we Offer Rack Inspection Training to Save You Time and Money, While Maintaining a Safe Facility. We have developed an easy and efficient training program that makes it easy for you to complete your own rack inspections and schedule them in whatever way works best for you.

Is there any industry you don't work with?

No, we work with a variety of manufacturers and have the skills and experience to install any type of rack you need for your facility. We are based in Michigan, but are capable of traveling anywhere in the U.S. and we're always ready and prepared to get the job done.

Can you install clean rooms?

Yes, EDR Pro Installers offers full capabilities for cleanroom installations. The key to any successful cleanroom project is in the execution. Using the wrong installation service can turn your well planned cleanroom project into a costly mistake. We offer safe and efficient solutions by using our carefully developed project process for the installation of cleanroom floors, walls, and ceilings.

Are you capable of building in plant offices or security cages?

Yes to both, our professional installers can install the in plant office solution that fits your facility and businesses' needs. Whether you consider the structure that you need within your facility a modular building, modular office, in-plant office, portable building, mobile office, warehouse office, removable office, or by any other name, EDR Pro Installers can install it professionally and safely. We can also install any type of storage or security cage customized for your facility.

Who do you work with on installation projects?

We typically are hired or work with distributor or manufacturer, and can also work directly with a facility manager that doesn't have the needed resources for an install.

How can a mezzanine benefit my facility?

EDR Pro Installers offers installation for many applications in a variety of industries and locations and have the experience needed to tackle any mezzanine installation. Whether the job is large or small, our team will make sure that your installation is completed with great care, quality, and safety. They are great for any company with too much stuff! They offer additional space for storage or even offices.

Can you install lifts or conveyors?

Yes, we can install any type or size lift or conveyor you need. Whether it's, a crane, lift, or VRC EDR Pro Installers is able to complete the job on time and within budget.

My guys are always running into things with the forklift, can you help with repairs?

Yes, EDR Pro Installers is capable of handling any repair or replacement of your rack equipment no matter the type or manufacturer. Our skilled team has completed a wide range of repair projects and can help you decide on any equipment that should be replaced. We have the knowledge needed due to the full range of services we offer, and we know equipment can be damaged over time due to accidents and deterioration over time.

My company has been growing, can you help us move our existing racks?

Yes, you're in luck! EDR Pro Installers can help you move all of your racks and help you save valuable resources by keeping your current equipment. Our experienced rack movers know exactly how to deconstruct your equipment in a safe and efficient way to that the move goes smoothly and the re-installment process is completed on time.

We can also help you make a progressive plan to help you move and keep the door open and shipping product…

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