Lift and VRC Installation

Vertical reciprocating conveyors are like other types of conveyors. They are used to provide a more efficient movement of materials used within a manufacturing, retail, wholesale, or distribution facility. The main difference is these GO VERTICAL. VRCs can be operated automatically or manually, and are available in a wide variety of lifting capacities, speeds, and compatibilities for practically any operating environment.

Lift and VRC Installation Services Lift and VRC Installation Services

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor Applications

  • Outdoor Use
  • Explosion-proof rooms
  • Clean room
  • Low or high temperatures
  • Storage and Organization
  • Process Efficiency

Let the professionals at EDR Pro Installers ensure that your lift and VRC equipment is installed the right way and the safest way. EDR will travel to your location anywhere in the U.S. to install your VRC lift. We will show you exactly how these lifts operate so if future problems arise you'll be able to easily explain to a service technician what is going on.

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You can trust that EDR Pro Installers will install your VRC lift to your satisfaction while keeping your work environment safe. Contact us today!

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