Rack Inspection Training

We Offer Rack Inspection Training to Save You Time and Money, While Maintinaing a Safe Facility. Rack Inspection Training - Good Rack

Rack systems are our business and we're passionate about providing you with the training to do YOUR OWN monthly inspections. We will show your staff how we do inspections while we are at your facility performing your first complete inspection. Your staff will get a chance to inspect a few rows on their own while we are there. We will leave them with the forms to complete your monthly inspections. They can then send them to our Rack Inspections Email. When we get the monthly inspections we will evaluate for thoroughness of the inspection along with a quote for any needed repairs and materials.

Rack Inspection Training - Collapsed Rack

When we return to do our annual checkup we will double check that the monthly’s have caught all of the critically damaged areas and retrain in house inspectors or train new staff as required.

This 2 prong approach is what works the BEST to keep everyone safe and to get buy-in from your staff to maintain your racks to the highest level of safety.

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We invite to contact us to learn how we can help you improve employee morale and your rack systems through our simple rack inspection training. Contact us today so we can make you look good SOONER THAN LATER.

"We get in, do the install, everything is plumb,
square, and level. We clean up, and get out.
We're pros, we get it, and you take all the credit."