Rack Relocations

Have you recently decided to move to a new facility but aren't sure where to start? You're in luck, EDR Pro Installers can help you move all of your racks and help you save valuable resources by keeping your current equipment. Our experienced rack movers know exactly how to deconstruct your equipment in a safe and efficient way to that the move goes smoothly and the re-installment process is completed on time.

Rack Relocation Services

Rack Relocation Services

  • Pallet Rack Moves
  • Warehouse Equipment Moving
  • Rack System Move
  • Mezzanine Relocations
  • Cage or Fence Equipment Moves
  • Project Management Assistance

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We know moving is just a much a hassle as it is an exciting change. We can help make the process smooth, safe, and efficient saving you time and money by providing assistance with the project management for everything that is being moved. Contact us today to let us help you with your rack relocation and experience the outstanding service of EDR Pro Installers.

"We get in, do the install, everything is plumb,
square, and level. We clean up, and get out.
We're pros, we get it, and you take all the credit."